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Song of the day – the bottom 10 songs

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Always good to know what people choose not to listen to. Shame, though. Some of the following are among the most rewarding music posted on this site. Especially 8 Eye Spy, and Mohammad Nouri.

1 (1) Song of the day – 222: Mohammad Nouri
“This collection endeavors to re-contextualize these songs from the realm of reminiscence, nostalgia, and memory into a specific and accessible narrative to share and relate within the universal musical gamut”
2 (-) Song of the day – 230: Die! Die! Die!
“From Dunedin, on Flying Nun, and with a relationship to Shayne Carter… and Die! Die! Die! continue the proud tradition of all three”
3(2) Song of the day – 159: Syl Johnson
“This is a great, great song, as the Wu-Tang Clan would presumably agree, as they sampled it for ’Hollow Bones’. Don’t hate me just because I’m black, the man sings distraught. Damn, the anguish”
4 (3) Song of the day – 188: Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry
“It’s Charlotte’s birthday. Happy birthday, Charlotte”
5 (-) Song of the day – 158: 8 Eye Spy
“[This bunch of femme Chinese pop provocateurs have] the same skewed angry fuck-you attitude, and wonderful abrasive guitar sound, and vaguely tortured vocal. UT who? Oh, come on…”
6 (3) Song of the day – 208: The Four Strangers
“Just a slice of raw 60s psych genius”
6 (-) Song of the day – 226: The John Steel Singers
“I never make my mind up before hearing something, but I wasn’t really expecting to like Tangalooma. Too perky, thought I vaguely. Too Triple J, thought I vaguely. Too upbeat and anodyne and in thrall to Sydney and the fashions of the day, thought I vaguely. I was wrong”
8 (-) Song of the day – 224: The Psychedelic Furs
“The saxophone was an asset, not an encumbrance”
9 (5) Song of the day – 220: Foetus
“It’s symphonic. Fuck yeah. It’s cinematic. It saps energy, if you let it. It’s twisted”
9 (8) Song of the day – 216: Axxonn
“I have no idea what the music sounds like. I just love the video”

Anyone fancy a mix tape?

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