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Song of the day – the Top 40

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Haven’t done one of these for a while. This is the all-time Collapse Board Top 40 we’re talking about here. I’ll follow it up with a Bottom 10.

P.S. There’s a link to a couple of mix-tapes at the bottom.

1 (1) Song of the day – 177: Agent Ribbons
Fucking Bust man. If that fucking Everett True doesn’t feature them in his next “the best girl bands you’ve never heard of” column in that magazine then I’m cancelling my fucking subscription as well.
2 (-) Song of the day – 280: Pris (see featured image)
3 (2) Song of the day – 176: Sheezer
Sheezer are an all-female Weezer covers band from Toronto but… well, you know what I’m going to say already. I prefer them to the original.
4 (3) Song of the day – 202: Edwyn Collins
There’s a new Edwyn Collins album out. You don’t know how happy it makes me, just typing those words.
5 (4) Song of the day – 203: Orange Juice
This is where it starts: fumbled glances in doorways, fringes worn proudly like Roger McGuinn, guitars a rush of blood through the heart and out onto the streets
6 (-) Song of the day – 248: Belle And Sebastian (a review)
It’s just the morass of indistinguishable critical voices his music attracts … that’s what I can’t stand.
7 (6) Song of the day – 201: Nico’s Bike
Female vocals chastise. Female vocals jiggle, with fire and fury. Female vocals make like there was no need to record a bad song no not never no how.
8 (5) Song of the day – 182: Pigeonhed
Quick! Ten superlative Steve Fisk productions, off the top of my head …
9 (-) Song of the day – 227: Lykke Li (free download)
Very unsure about the video. Never realised Lykke Li was so fond of her crotch.
10 (7) Song of the day – 210: The Slits (reprise)
“I always thought it was OK to shoplift from big stores, not from friends – I never stole from friends, but from a big system.”
11 (-) Song of the day – 305: The Edwin Hawkins Singers
Greatest vocal performance on vinyl ever? One of them, for sure.
12 (-) Song of the day – 231: Tunabunny
This music makes me deliriously happy. It clatters, it splatters, it shatters, it matters. I’ve listened to the album front to back, back to front, sideways, length ways, every which wrong ways.
13 (19) Song of the day – 196: The Cheapmunks
Most of The Cheapmunks’ music seems to be a fusion between Hindi and English pop songs. It’s more than fine by me. It’s superfine.
14 (-) Song of the day – 273: The Lovely Eggs
This song deserves to be yelled from every rooftop in every street in Britain. Its lyrics deserve to be carved into every desktop in every schoolroom in Britain.
15 (11) Song of the day – 207: Scarce (free downloads!)
Scarce sounded like all those parts of R.E.M. and Bowie that no one is supposed to like. Scarce had such passion and self-belief it hurt.
16 (-) Song of the day – 262: Pete And The Pirates (free download)
On the one side, there’s Donna Summer and Kraftwerk. On the other, The Chills or Pete And The Pirates themselves.
17 (-) Song of the day – 274: The Dandelions (free download)
“The Shags [sic], but with more musicality and talent.”
18 (14) Song of the day – 204: It Sound
They’ve got that early Factory Records bass sound. It’s very intriguing, in an understated manner.
19 (10) Song of the day – 200: The Distractions
It’s great! Great, I tell you! None of the poignancy has been diminished by the passing years, only increased.
20 (9) Song of the day – 192: Fever Fever
Grating female vocals. Sound and fury. Never a pause for breath. Always another space to be filled in.
21 (8) Song of the day – 184: Coolies
Coolies play punk rock like kill rock stars like to play punk rock, and make Erase Errata look like the full-on wusses they never were.
22 (20) Song of the day – 195: kyü
Songs engage with a fierce pop sensibility, all the while throwing in a mesmerising diorama of sounds and musical instruments: fluttering wing-movements and stuttering synth breaks and fluting woodwind and those stunning voices.
23 (18) Song of the day – 163: Las Kellies
… of course with their own spirited guitar-playing and energy and nod in the direction of the Pink Ladies from Grease and home-cooking and oblique lyrics thrown in.
24 (12) Song of the day – 174: The Nuns
Damn. I miss England sometimes. An all-female Monks tribute band no less!
25 (13) Song of the day – 185: Sky Needle
Brilliant and humorous use of repetition and homemade instruments and hanging wall percussion and weird-as-weird-as-weird vocal stylings and stripy socks and air pumps and distorted (NOT loud) sound.
26 (-) Song of the day – 257: Crass
This is Crass. This is ‘Mother Earth’ from the recently reissued (again!) Stations Of The Crass CD. It’s still nicely, nearly unlistenable. It still makes me choke on my Cornflakes.
27 (-) Song of the day – 297: Lispector
This is the greatest hidden music you’ll encounter all year.
28 (-) Song of the day – 290: PJ Harvey (a mini-review)
I’ve saved some of my worst vitriol for her … I’ve also saved some of my highest praise for her.
29 (15) Song of the day – 164: Armedalite Rifles
It’s all spark and fire: rhythms like Captain Beefheart and Can and Pere Ubu did rhythms, guitars that clash and a name that references obliquely possibly the Gang Of Four’s finest moment.
30 (-) Song of the day – 225: The Loves
Somehow, it’s the early Eighties again and I’m stuck in a delirious haze watching my favourite film once more, Gregory’s Girl. Of course I have a crush on the wrong girl.
31 (17) Song of the day – 212: Jonathan Richman
Oh, Jonathan! This is so wonderful. An early (very different) recording of ‘The Morning Of Our Lives’.
32 (-) Song of the day – 260: Talulah Gosh (the original interview)
I can’t even begin to go into the impact Talulah Gosh have ultimately made on my life – and the lives of others, very close to me.
33 (-) Song of the day – 279: Shannon And The Clams (free download)
Imagine Etta James duking it out with the lady from The Detroit Cobras over reverb-drenched gorgeousness, plus a little punk manhandling.
34 (30) Song of the day – 211: Hotpants Romance
Hotpants Romance have a second album out and it’s just as raucous and in love with the Ramones and The Shaggs and funny and brief and cute as the first, only more so. With added surfing.
35 (16) Song of the day – 160: Frankie Rose And The Outs
The exact point where Dum Dum Girls meet Vivian Girls.
36 (-) Song of the day – 265: Cornershop (free download)
Reasons to be cheerful, part three. A new track from Tijinder, a bit of give and spin ya, a little slap and tickle, a bass run down the middle, a yabba yabba yabba …
37 (-) Song of the day – 214: Thee Spivs
Some good old-fashioned stripped-back punk rock from Hackney, on Damaged Goods.
38 (21) Song of the day – 209: She Makes War
She’s got something. Not sure what. Earnestness. Arrogance. Innocence. A capacity for self-promotion. An unblinking gaze.
39 (-) Song of the day – 252: The Konki Duet
I don’t know what a ritournelle is, but I want one. Now!*
40 (-) Song of the day – 298: Yeh Deadlies (free download)
It isn’t simply a matter of liking some of the same records as me. If it were, I’d be posting up 100 songs every day.

And here are a couple of links to recent mix-tapes.

Song of the day 7 (part one) – which covers roughly 236 – 265.
Song of the day 7 (part two) – which covers roughly this 266 – 296. (Obviously, I’ve left a few songs out from both: copyright considerations, and all that.)

EDITORIAL DISCLAIMER: These mix-tapes are intended for private enjoyment only, not for any commercial use. If anyone featured on any of these mix-tapes has any sort of objection to being featured thus, please contact us and we will of course immediately remove their music from public domain. If you like any of the featured artists, please track back to their MySpace sites, record company home pages and the like, and show support by purchasing their music direct.

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