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Songs about Brisbane – 8: Sekiden

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Let’s face it. Brisbane is a small town. So small in fact, that you don’t even need to write the entire word. Simply just shorten it to BNE and there it is. You get it.

“I’m giving up on you/And everything you do.”

It’s big, but not that big. It’s the same faces, day in and day out. Sure, there’s stuff happening here, and there’s been enough hype trying convincing us that we’re the next big thing. But we can’t wait around forever for shit to happen in Brisbane. And sooner or later, people make the migration for greener pastures down south, because there’s just more going on. I know that. You know that. And Sekiden knows that, too. They were just clever enough to write a song about it – ‘BNE’ – throw in some ooh’s and aah’s, and disguise the Brisbane attitude as a pop song.

Here’s ‘Little Darlings’.

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