THE GOOD REVIEW Undead Apes: Grave Consequences (Merenoise)

Grave Consequences will rightfully give you nothing but a good time

 Anna Stodart

Songs about Brisbane – 8: Sekiden

Let’s face it. Brisbane is a small town. So small in fact, that you don’t even need to write the entire word. Simply just shorten it to BNE and there it is. You get it. “I’m giving up on you/And everything you do.” It’s big, but not that big. It’s the same faces, day in […]


Collapse Board mix tape 1 – Downunder

Collapse Board thought it would be good if I made a (virtual) mix tape. We all love mix tapes, what better way to mesh what we already know and love with new discoveries and soon-to-be favourites! When I was finished with the first mix tape I made for Collapse Board, I realised there was only […]