After the Dole Rush: Beef Jerk and Modern Australia

After the Dole Rush: Beef Jerk and Modern Australia

By Mitchell Judge Early last year a handful of Australia’s greatest music critics published individual thinkpieces on the most recent dominant genre of local independent music: dolewave. Beginning with Sean Prescott’s review of the School of Radiant Living album on Crawlspace, this collection marked the first time that dolewave had been legitimised as a movement. […]

 Everett True

Bedroom Suck doesn’t | five years on

Bedroom Suck doesn’t | five years on

Music that doesn’t suck. There’s a Bedroom Suck compilation out: BSR5. It’s there to celebrate five years since the label was started by two discontents living in the steamy undergrowth of Brisbane, 27 tracks featuring… well, I’m guessing it features some fucking great Australian music. (I ain’t heard it, you understand.) Not much of a guess […]


IN WORDS: Boomgates + Super Wild Horses + Per Purpose @ Woodland 07.05.11

My internal douchebage disappears and are replaced by feelings of guilt, confusion and remorse as Super Wild Horses glide through their set.


In Photos: Deadshits #2 @ Woodland, 28.01.11

Deadshits returned to Woodland on Friday night, with sets from Circle Pit, Boomgates, Holy Balm, Assassins 88, Superstar and Per Purpose.