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Bedroom Suck doesn’t | five years on

Bedroom Suck doesn’t | five years on

Music that doesn’t suck. There’s a Bedroom Suck compilation out: BSR5. It’s there to celebrate five years since the label was started by two discontents living in the steamy undergrowth of Brisbane, 27 tracks featuring… well, I’m guessing it features some fucking great Australian music. (I ain’t heard it, you understand.) Not much of a guess […]


Loose Grip/Gravel Samwidge @ Burst City, 14.08.10

A Benefit show to help raise funds for Burst City to keep going, a damn good cause. Only 3 bands, Slug Guts played last and it was the best set I’ve witnessed from them, I was completely lost in that blurry moment and was unable to film it. LOOSE GRIP The first time Loose Grip have played […]