Rocky Road to Brisbane

With the musical climate drowned in apathetic, minimalist, synth-laden wank I can’t say how welcome a change this band is


If god is a DJ (then that’s really fucking depressing)

DJs, the glorified button monkeys of the local music scene. Everyone hates them, but would still love to be one, labouring under the illusion that they would do a way better job than that misinformed hack. Let’s break it down. You go out to a club evening (rather than a gig) to imbibe alcohol, and […]


Revenge of the Geek-chic

A few days ago I went to Lambda Lambda Lambda. I’ve always been a little hesitent about going, due to it apparently being flooded with the most apathetic kids Brisbane has to offer. This night I thought may be different, as I was surprised to see that they had booked a much beloved band of […]