Revenge of the Geek-chic

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A few days ago I went to Lambda Lambda Lambda. I’ve always been a little hesitent about going, due to it apparently being flooded with the most apathetic kids Brisbane has to offer. This night I thought may be different, as I was surprised to see that they had booked a much beloved band of mine The Rumjacks.

The Rumjacks are to Australia what Dropkick Murphys are to Boston. Laden with tin whistles, gutteral chants and the mandolin, they’re a brilliant rowdy drinking band. So much so that they’re soon to be supporting GBH in their Australian tour, which hopefully proves to be a better night than this just past.

Walking into the venue I had that horrible sinking feeling, as I was immediately surrounded by such a tremendous amount of wank. So much so that everyone may as well been walking about openly fiddling with their genitalia. I was momentarily sidetracked as the bar was handing out free pints of Carlton Draught. I briefly enjoyed their cups which can be drawn on, inscribing every cup I could get my hands on with inspirational sentiments like “dickbutts”.

Myself and my accompanying lady spent the next 20 minutes or so sitting in a quiet corner, musing just how damaged we were going to get dancing to the Rumjacks with the bloody great pillar right in front of the stage. Our few attempts at requesting music were met with a combination of confusion and bemusement.

The Rumjacks started shortly thereafter, and tried their darndest to engage the crowd, to little avail. They slammed their setlist with impressive ferocity, considering the lack of energy they were getting in return, bar myself and one other gentleman (that I believe came with the band). Regardless, we were dancing and jigging about like drunken fools in an attempt to show the crowd that “YES, its totally cool to get excited about this fun band, because this style of music is well known for its audience participation and high energy!”

A few Jagerbombs and pints later, I left unimpressed yet unsurprised at this wholly depressing attempt at eclecticism gone horribly wrong.

hate hate hate hate hate

Tom Fiend

P.S. Punters wanting a good, cheap night out should consider 6 October at the Vinyl Bar (attached to the HiFi in the West End). The lads at New Noise Agency (responsible for the current Misfits, GBH and Guttermouth tours) are putting on “El New Noise” featuring free entry, cheap booze and mexican food plus a guest star DJ from Guttermouth. I’ll also be doing a set sometime during the evening. So come out and enjoy the best Wednesday night option since Free Metal Wednesdays at the Step Inn.

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