These are a Few of my Favourite Things … from 2011 | Victoria Birch

Maybe I’ll save the angst and tell her we started here all along

 Scott Creney

Various – Rave On Buddy Holly (Hear Music)

Dignity is just an obstacle that keeps you from reaching your full commercial potential.


thoughts on Big Sound Live – Day 1

I spent about two weeks trying to figure out who to see at my first ever Big Sound Live. I wouldn’t say the line-up was spectacular but there was certainly a decent amount of acts to choose from. My night starts out at the Club House, under the Tempo Bar, waiting for New Zealand artist […]

 Everett True

Wild Beasts interview

It’s Laneway nest week. That’s exciting. They’ve got several artists I’d like to have a peek at – including Bridezilla, Florence And The Machine, The XX, Daniel Johnston and Wild Beasts. Rockin’! To celebrate, here’s an interview I conducted with Tom Fleming of Wild Beasts. Raw and unedited as it is, it’s also an EXCLUSIVE […]