Lee Adcock

SOLIDARITY TIME – Word Up for Joanna Gruesome

SOLIDARITY TIME – Word Up for Joanna Gruesome

Today, kids, we are going to stand up and applaud. So Drowned in Sound interviewed Alanna McArdle lately. It’s an innocuous, friendly chat really, with ordinary journo-to-band questions about songwriting, live performances vs. recording, “the volatile state of guitar music” (which both interviewer and interviewee agreed was a load of BS), the huge corporate sham […]

 Wallace Wylie

Hating Hipsters: How The Mainstream Hijacked Authenticity And Made Non-Conformity A Joke

Why exactly does the whole world want to distance itself from the term hipster?


The Slap: Chalk Circle, DC Hardcore and the Death of Fun

Listen to this song and if you don’t want to dance you’re a great big sopping wet honking limp nong.