The Collapse Board Interview: Kirsty Tickle (Party Dozen)

The Collapse Board Interview: Kirsty Tickle (Party Dozen)

Party Dozen are a band that stays with you. On paper, a drummer/saxophonist duo might not sound like an obvious choice of band to go and see but with a bunch of effects pedals and some additional triggered electronica, Jonathan Boulet’s sophisticated drum patterns and Kirsty Tickle’s lung-bursting sax always provide a completely compelling set. […]


Little Scout – Take Your Light (MGM Distribution)

I’m loathe to call it background music but that’s about the nub of it.

 Carmen Juarez

Thoughts on Music Promotion and Production in Brisbane: or Why Can’t Brisbane Get a Leg-Up?

“What does it say about a place when the cultural capital you’re producing is fucking I Heart Hiroshima. That’s unacceptable.”


Smudge + Little Scout live @ The Troubadour, 09.10.10

Watching Smudge tonight it’s really hard not to feel incredibly nostalgic. It’s not just that the band are part of the audience’s past, tied to a 1990s discography and not having released an album since 1998’s Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra, but something much deeper than that; it’s a nostalgia for bands like Smudge. Once there was […]