That Was The Year That Was 2010

Photographer Justin Edwards looks back over the Brisbane live scene in 2010. (This article was originally published on This Is Not A Photo Opportunity.)

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I’ll kill you. “You can’t do that dad, I’d be really unhappy.” You wouldn’t be unhappy, you’d be dead.


Smudge + Little Scout live @ The Troubadour, 09.10.10

Watching Smudge tonight it’s really hard not to feel incredibly nostalgic. It’s not just that the band are part of the audience’s past, tied to a 1990s discography and not having released an album since 1998’s Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra, but something much deeper than that; it’s a nostalgia for bands like Smudge. Once there was […]


Kirin J Callinan + Los Huevos + Per Purpose live @ The Troubadour

Actually a good crowd for a Sunday night and why not? Two of Brisbanes finest plus Kirin J Callinan. Kirin is cabaret I guess is about as good as I can describe it but with shards of guitar occasionally jammed in the underbelly. This was close to a perfect gig. Kirin J Callinan – Live […]


Big Strong Brute + Carry Nation + Scott Spark live @ The Troubadour, 19.08.10

Emaciated, agitated and wearing a Vegemite woolen sweater, Scott Spark was daintily poised at his keyboard belting out his lovelorn pop as I walked into The Troubadour. Over the inattentive crowd’s chatter, it seemed to be typical bedroom pop: a kitschy drum machine and a backing band that unobtrusively augmented the the dainty songs. I […]