Everett True

R.I.P. Brendon Annesley (Negative Guest List)

I’d been well aware of Negative Guest List as a genius ‘zine with shitloads of enthusiasm and energy and attitude for quite a while now.

 Rah Mcv

The Collapse Board interview – Samuel Miers (School Girl Report)

“I use nails under the strings on one song. Spanners, a peg, a drill, a headband and a bracelet. They all give different sounds to each song.”


Bitch Prefect at Woodland and Deadshits Motel.

First time at Woodland and it is impressive. Lots of space good layout. Stage up off the ground. Lights. Air con. Bar. Everything you need really. With the Troubadour and Globe closing we need new venues so the timing couldn’t be better. Having been away from live music for about two weeks I realized about […]