Mike Turner

Song of the Day #721 – The Orielles

Song of the Day #721 – The Orielles

The Orielles might call Halifax (which is as middle England as you can get) their home, but their hearts sound deeply rooted in California. Replace the cobblestone hilltop roads with miles of flat asphalt running alongside the beaches and piers, replace the woolly sheep with dogs wearing sunglasses, replace the nonstop rain and overcast skies […]


Dum Dum Girls – Only In Dreams (Sub Pop)

By Cheri Amour In her hazy days of, what one can only imagine was, singing into the mirror with comb to lips, LA singer songwriter Kristen Gundred (nom de plume Dee Dee) made a vow to only work with female musicians (no doubt, built up by her wide-eyed admiration for institutional girl bands like that […]


The problem with ‘Girl Bands’

Isn’t it about time that we stop pointing out the fact that the band members of The Like and Warpaint all have vaginas?