Dum Dum Girls – Only In Dreams (Sub Pop)

By Cheri Amour In her hazy days of, what one can only imagine was, singing into the mirror with comb to lips, LA singer songwriter Kristen Gundred (nom de plume Dee Dee) made a vow to only work with female musicians (no doubt, built up by her wide-eyed admiration for institutional girl bands like that […]

 Everett True

10 REVIEWS OF THE NEW CULTS ALBUM – 1: in real time

Wouldn’t it be so great if something so obviously corporate-backed and hipster-fed turned out to be amazing after all?

 Everett True

Song of the day – 348: Keep On Dancin’s (free download)

Anything that makes me swoon for the days when I would listen to the Shangri-La’s ’65 album for hours on end.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 34: Dum Dum Girls

Hey, it makes me so happy to hear this music. So, so happy. This song features a dude from Crocodiles, whom I also like a whole bunch – but no way near as much as this song, a song as wonderful as even The Pastels or The Shop Assistants, a song that’s just saturated in […]

 Everett True

Spotlight – 34: Peepholes

Again, I’m reminded of the section in the infamous Steve Albini article/tirade against major labels, originally printed in The Baffler, wherein he wishes that bands would try to sound more like Metal Urbain instead of The Beatles. Because, as I’ve written before, it seems that we’ve turned full circle – at least in the circles […]

 Everett True

Spotlight – 23: No Anchor

I’ll be blunt here. These guys praised me, so I thought I’d check their shit out. Seems like I’ve been yearning for a little of this recently. My iTunes has been flickering between Pissed Jeans and Wavves, Crocodiles, recs of the flesh, Melbourne’s Witch Hats (who are Australia’s greatest rock band when The Drones are […]

 Everett True

One-minute reviews – 2: Taken By Trees, Crocodiles, Heavy Trash, recs of the flesh

I think this series needs to be quite formulaic, with set criteria – like Joe Bob Briggs‘ series of Drive-In Movie Reviews during the 90s. Any suggestions? Taken By Trees – East Of Eden Lady from The Concretes gone solo voyages to remote area in Pakistan to make an album that sounds like lady from […]