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10 Great All-Male Rock Bands

Collapse Board’s celebration of 10 of the most rocking all-male rock bands around. Enjoy!

 Everett True

Song of the day – 388: Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers

I used to despise the hippies, pretending to be so out there:

 Wallace Wylie

Moon Duo – Mazes (Sacred Bones)

Music culture doesn’t have any kind of forward momentum anymore so albums like Mazes are allowed to exist without much complaint.

 Everett True

how not to write a press release

Shark? aren’t bad. That’s it. End of review.

 Everett True

Jonathan Richman

In response to a request from a friend on Twitter, I’ve collected together some of my more recent writings about Jonathan. And from tomorrow, you can listen to an incredible early demo of ‘The Morning Of Our Lives’ over here. ——————————————————————————————————————————– (from Plan B #18, originally printed in The Stranger) I first heard Jonathan Richman […]