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I was sent these questions a while back. I’ve reprinted them without permission, but I haven’t identified the culprit. They can be (identified) if they desire: identified as a clever-arse bastard in a world of few. One clue: it’s a musician that I have written about. Initially, they claimed (plausibly) the interview had been commissioned by Mess+Noise.

Here goes:

Keep in mind this will never be published as the internet, despite its birth date, has become incredibly homogeneous and stale. I’m sure there are great sites out there I’ve yet to discover but anyway, this will crop up somewhere down the track.

Question 1:
I’m a fan of your writing – ego is a different word to those who have a grasp on it. What is life worth if you don’t have the type of self worth you gather by this point? ie. Rock writer – he was in among the last point of greatness I can gather in this shithole brillant thing that is rock and roll?

Question 2:
The demise of affordability that thankfully granted us gems like Plan B and what ever the fuck that other one was called – just remembered loose ships sink lips”. You must have had rock fans like me praising you for these publications in the past. Do you still get the same kind of feedback with your loose Collapse Board shit?

Question 3:
Do you ever ask yourself if you’ve gone far to down the funnel of feminism that you regard the idea (that I totally agree with) that females are the last un-grapsed frontier of rock and roll? We could both name the artists that contradict this notion but really… is it purely a case of the whole model (the whole world even) being stacked up against the fairer sex?

Question 4:
You couldn’t possibly continue without a chuckle at the response to your pen name Jerry, was there an inspiration initially that has taken you this far or has it been purely your own invention?

Question 5:
Do you really mean the world would be a better place if Calvin Johnson was as big as Nirvana? We would have experienced huge gentrification and the rise of ‘indie’ and wouldn’t be budgeting for our rent out of what ever slave wage we’ve been lucky to acquire along the way.

Question 6:
Why are fans of music who end up writing about it so fucking boring and sound like they’re planning to read their first book down the track?

Question 7:
Write your own question here and answer it trufully but don’t give us a glimmer of the real Jerry as that will spoil the fascination processes .

The drunks never trust a non-drunk but having been a prior one, let yourself go for one night and meet me in Brisbane on the scratching my brain date.

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