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10 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board since 1.1.11

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Quite a varied pack, this time round. 

1. 1001 Albums You Should Die Before You Hear, pt 4
Part four already, and the main surprise so far is the lack of singer-songwriters in this chart. I’m sure that as we proceed, and the depths we plumb grow ever lower, they’ll be showing up.
2. how ‘influence’ works – Washington vs Laura Marling
It’s interesting the way ‘influence’ works.
3. Everett True’s List of 10 Things from 2010
Every city needs its underground, and every underground needs its documentation, and every documentation needs its people who are totally involved in the entire process.
4. Triple J Hottest 100: Am I Hot Or Not?
Living in Australia is like living in Britpop era UK on a permanent loop. Even seemingly liberal Australians go into chest-beating and flag-waving mode when it comes to their music.
5. Song of the day – 262: Pete And The Pirates (free download)
Me? I just love the fact such great music is being given away free.
6. 5 Music Journalism Clichés Which Should Go Away Forever
“(Geezer rock band’s) new album, Embrace The Light, hearkens back to their eponymous 1980 debut, and is a glorious, remarkable return to form.”
7. Everett True in the UK, part two – London
“Having children gives you inhibition. There are things I couldn’t say any more because … people would get upset.”
8. Everett True in the UK, part one – Southampton
“I think when anybody sits down to review a record these days, they look at all the other reviews that are online, particularly Pitchfork, and they look at 8 different reviews and go ‘oh, ok, alright now I’ll do my review’. I’m sure that’s what happens. Absolutely certain. And nobody’s thinking for themselves. Somebody must be. Somewhere.”
9. 10 Random Songs on my iPod (played when I’m bone tired)
Damn, I’ve got great taste!
10. the longest songs in my iTunes library – Sonic Youth, Kraftwerk, Dirtbombs, Can, Tunabunny, Gareth Liddiard et al
The greatest rock’n’roll song ever recorded. My one complaint is that it’s not long enough. Seriously.

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