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 Princess Stomper

11 Greatest Things From 2011

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Oh Land portrait

By Princess Stomper


Oh Land – ‘White Nights

I fell for this instantly, though I’m still not sure whether I’d classify myself as an Oh Land fan yet. There’s just enough off-kilter quirkiness to make her still-accessible glacial electropop intruging.

Battles – Gloss Drop

“Gloss Drop owns Mirrored in every possible way – if the previous album showed that they had potential, this is how Battles start to realise it.”

dEUS – Keep You Close

“So, yes, the album has strings. Very lush ones. Dirty, fuzzy bass. Xylophones. Woodwind. Strident, plonking piano. Yet all of it is understated, like something you’d hear in a classy bar at 3am.”

No Mas Bodas – Flesh

“Just knowing that there’s music this good out there makes me feel thankful, relieved, and a little bit spoiled.”

Thurston Moore – Demolished Thoughts

Demolished Thoughts is a very accomplished, assured and well-written album but a little too lacking in contrast to have any genuine claim on greatness. One to be enjoyed in small doses when you’re in the mood for that type of thing – which in my case is surprisingly often.

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