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22 of Tamsin Chapman’s favourite songs of 2012 so far

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Of course, this band are pretty punk too:

(Skinny Girl Diet – Insomnia)

And this is a good approximation of punk, almost too good. Let’s face it, they’re men, so, they’re never going to be as punk as Homosexual Death Drive or Skinny Girl Diet. Bloody good song though.

(Holograms – ABC City)

It’s all gone a bit retro again, so let’s bring it back to 2012 with a song that has already been massively discussed, but can’t be left off this list. State of the nation? State of the everything mate. Nufzzwurld and gound sounders hang your heads in shame. Get some ideas, get some politics, get some edge and get some fucking courage

(Plan B – Ill Manors)

Unless you can write an indie pop song as winsomely gorgeous as this one of course:

(Strawberry Whiplash – Stop, Look And Listen)

Or this one:

(Woollen Kits – Out Of Whack)

(continues overleaf)

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