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 Laura Crapo

a 2011 closer (Laura Crapo)

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David Guetta feat. Akon - Sexy Bitch (explicit)

By Laura Crapo

A song that I remember hearing and liking in 2011 that was new (2009) was ‘Sexy Bitch’.

It doesn’t matter when songs were made. Just cause there’s a schedule of music coming out, doesn’t mean we listen to it today or even 10 years from now. Music is an afterthought to all the bs that is happening. Like for instance, I was going to buy a ticket to a music festival for next September, but an intuitive friend told me not to bother cause it will be cancelled. A huge festival cancelled … it has to be because of some sort of crisis ’cause music is unstoppable. Music will be an afterthought to whatever shit sandwich is coming in the summer of 2012, big enough to cancel a music festival.

Not looking at the new – looking at what happens. Some music is a time traveler. Maybe we aren’t meant to love The Incredible String Band until 30 years later. I finally liked Cream this year. Music finds its way to you. If something messed up happens, I have my copy of Rick James Street Songs. I have my dad’s old classical music collection on vinyl. Street Songs withstands repeated listening.

Every song is a message in a bottle. Relevance to date and time and place are secondary. Songs are like lifelines or like bridges. Initials carved in a tree. Our time here is so fleeting, we can’t compete with a maple seed.

Our soul is evolving together. What kind of contribution did this artist make? How closely did they take their dictation from spirit? It’s not so hard to find real or really good. It’s the messenger that lacks the real. The corporate structure that gives birth to music. It’ll all seem as bogus as the 80s and be as useless as 7,000 unsold Betamax machines. All the musical and recording gear in the world is nothing compared to a soulful voice and a soul with purpose. This mountain of trash and trash songs we have made together is a monument to our lack of concern for our planet and our collective spirit.

The ultimate tv transmission or radio transmission is in meditation. The music of tomorrow. The music of 2012.

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