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Everett True reviews Brisbane, pt 3: Extrafoxx, The Holy Cow

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Third part. I remain surprised at the lack of submissions for this series … but perhaps I’m being too naive. Why bother having your music appraised by an outsider when you’ve got a load of mates in the street press? There’s nothing like having smoke blown up your ass for the price of a drunk. I mean, drink.

THIS WEEK: a bunch of stuff that no one in America’s going to be interested in

The Holy Cow – Keep Your Prize
Dance music. At least, it’s called dance music but I’d dislocate at least two bones in my foot trying to keep up with this glitch electronica. It burbles and breams merrily away, and the sense of vaguely psychedelic splendour caused by the numerous stop-starts and clean finish is only increased by the sound of explosions from the episode of Thunderbirds Isaac is watching on TV. Ah me. You got to love open plan living rooms. I’m thinking Four Tet, and perhaps … whatisname … Amon T… nah, can’t quite place it.  Is it any good? Why does everything need grading?

There’s a free download at the linked site.

DISCLAIMER: Yet again, the only folk who volunteer stuff up for review here are the folk who already contribute to Collapse Board. I note Nick Smethurst still hasn’t written that promised Bon Iver review. I’m beginning to think he doesn’t have the slightest idea about the possibilities of music criticism. Shame. Smart fellow, nonetheless.

Extrafoxx – Big Pineapple
There’s a certain informal charm at play here, despite the 1995 production (which plants it nicely in triple j’s sights). He’s a great big huggable hunk of a bear. He’s got a beard now. He just wants a hug. “Went to school/It was shit/Went to uni and I didn’t like it/I don’t know what I’ll be/Probably lose my job in a short time,” Conwae Burrell wails straight-faced over layers and layers of synthesizers that start fucking with your ears cos they’ve been mixed too high, and drums that go OOOMPH! People like this stuff like down the Valley? I feel like whole sections of Australia are still congratulating themselves on catching up with the 90s.

There might be a free download at the linked site. There’s certainly an album on the way.

DISCLAIMER: disclaimer nothing. I don’t know what the fuck is going on here. I find myself oddly charmed.

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