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Music in the year 2111

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Apple Cola

By Edward Guglielmino

I was offered an opportunity to spend 12 hours in the year 2111, many people will probably think that I should have spent the time observing society and culture, however I was too busy absorbing the music.

When I arrived in 2111 I noticed that everyone had an Apple device implanted in their left arm, thankfully my iPad some how still worked so I managed to get into iTunes using that – however I was constantly getting the message “this device does not support direct connect”. I am not sure exactly what this meant but I noticed a lot of people dancing or humming or talking to someone without any headphones or headsets. I browsed the music, it was hard to tell what was music, what was an ad for Apple-Coke-A-Cola-McDonalds, and what was pornography. I downloaded a file with a clip imbedded in it, it was a naked woman singing while bent over, the lyrics were:

“Fuck me if you want to,
fuck me and you will be
drinking Apple-Coke ®”

I browsed a number of songs on iTunes, they were all pretty similar. I walked up to a future person and asked where I could see some underground music. I was immediately arrested and interrograted for several hours about my connection with the ‘post-post-punks’. Through the interrogation I realised that ‘post-post-punks’ were a subculture of people that literally lived underground, and refused to wear what the police called their ‘Apple Flags’ – which I correctly assumed were the devices implanted in the arms of the future people. I was let out after three hours and charged 3,500 #apple-downloads. I was also implanted with an ‘Apple Flag’.

I decided to seek out the post-post-punks; walking down the streets of Brisbane looking for a clue as to where I could find these people; pop music was everywhere, and so was pornography. It was one and the same. I eventually saw a kid open a manhole and go underground. I followed him down a system of pipes and ended up in a nightclub that looked somewhat like the set of Alien 3 (the one set in the prison). The music that was playing made me feel under the influence of some drug, I started crying with joy. The band on stage were playing their “apple flags” but they were not buried under their skin. There was no pornography in the underground and the post-post-punks seemed much happier than the above-ground people.

I told a post-post-punk where I was from, she explained that since Apple took over the world in 2014 (after a war broke out between Apple and Google) that most music had become advertisment to drink the water supply (which was Cola mixed with Prozac) and that popular culture had lost all meaning. She showed me how the post-post-punks used torrents to send new music across the old web (which had now been replaced with Apple-Net).

Sadly my time was up so I returned to the present, it was overall a very interesting 12 hours. I hope we can prevent Apple from taking over the world.

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