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 Everett True

OMG! The Thin Kids (LOL) to support Kate Nash in Brisbane!!

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We have nothing but respect for Kate Nash here at Collapse Board. “It’s cool to be able to showcase new, Australian emerging bands and artists at my shows in Australia,” says Kate Nash.

And Kate ain’t just whistling Dixie! For her forthcoming show at the Hi-Fi Bar in Brisbane on Saturday 19 February, she has picked not one but two of the city’s finest new, emerging bands and artists to support her: Young Men Dead and The Thin Kids. OMG! That’s us! We’re The Thin Kids! And we’re supporting Kate Nash! Sweet!!!

Tickets will of course be at a premium for such an illustrious event so go grab some here, and make sure you turn up early (just after 8pm) to see us! Because you just know that Kate Nash played on stage with us during her previous tour of Australia, and we will also have some very extra special guest local musicians/celebs playing with us! OMG. If you haven’t heard our music before (WHY NOT?), go and download some of our songs for hardly any money at all, over at Bandcamp. Here’s what we looked like at our third gig last year. LOL

And here’s Kate!

And here’s a little something I wrote about Kate Nash for Mess And Noise last year.

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