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One-minute reviews – 17: Girls, Dum Dum Girls, Girls In Trouble, The Rapture

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Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost

The return of the series that no one asked for. Fuck reviewing albums in 140 characters or less. The real challenge is: can you do it in 60 seconds or less?

Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Big Star, reinvented as Coldplay for the past-caring generation. Beauty, as defined by the ‘after’ ad for Clearasil. The air is fetid with the smell of guitars and bearded hipsters overdosing on the same bloody two Animal Collective and early Paul McCartney albums. It’s odd how often dreariness is confused with beauty.

Dum Dum Girls – Only In Dreams
My mid 80s crush on inflamed femme-pop and surf guitar throwbacks is still going strong, 25 years on. The debut Mary Chain album wasn’t all that, y’know. Still, neither is the Best Coast album. Somewhere between the two lies the truth, and somewhere between the two lies the second – let’s not use that horrendous word ‘sophomore’ shall we? – Dum Dum Girls album. The zeitgeist is always impossible to judge.

Girls In Trouble – Half You Half Me
An art-pop song cycle about the women of the Old Testament. From Brooklyn. With feminist leanings, songs about lemons, emeralds and androgyny, and a dude from Old Time Relijun. Some sweeping strings. (Or is that “soaring”?) Proper songs treated with proper respect and reverence and done with proper lyrics and sung in a proper manner. Pleases me right proper.

The Rapture – In The Grace Of Your Love
When alt. bands turn commercial. It’s the title of XL’s new comp. In monstrous green letters.

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