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 Everett True

One-word reviews? Here are 20 more

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Mumford & Sons

In her recent blog entry, Princess Stomper argues: 

A review should explain:

1. What’s it like? (Why should you like it?)
2. Is it good – does it succeed at what it’s trying to do?
3. Why?

One word, no matter how apt, cannot communicate that information.

I beg to differ. Witness, and pay tribute at the throne of the One, the Only, the True Word.

The Vaccines – shite

Kings Of Leon – shite

Coldplay – boringshite

Howler – shite

Real Estate – shite

Foo Fighters – shite

Editors – dullshite

Interpol – shite

Zwan – shite

Mumford & Sons – tripleshite

Gotye – shite

Snow Patrol – shite

Nickelback – shite

The Horrors – retroshite

Smash Mouth – shite

The Cranberries – patronisingshite

Third Eye Blind – shite

Summer Camp – shite

Elbow – shite

Fleet Foxes – ha’a’wayandshite

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