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Shouts of encouragement and pleasure | three recent Brisbane shows reviewed, briefly

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Red Red Krovvy

Last night, it occurred to me that I should be focusing on a detail. Reviews are blurred snapshots but if I limit my gaze perhaps they can be a little more in focus?

Jhonny Russell, The Waiting Room
A VOX amplifier, unobtrusive. (I wasn’t taking notes, I may have dreamed this. In which case, why does it come first?*) Low ceiling. Fairy lights. Every couple of minutes, someone hugs someone. Shouts of encouragement. Short bittersweet truncated minimal playful bunches of noise. A drum machine, or similar. Shouts of encouragement and pleasure. Beers raised. Feet tap. Feet tap tap tap. Songs burst and glower, burst like a shower. Pain, and happiness, and hugs.

Red Red Krovvy, Spring Hill Hotel
A girl stalks a cage, prowling. Short clipped beats. Hard edge noise. Brutal and sweet. The audience ring the cage. The cage is in your head.

Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys, Spring Hill Hotel
The girl with the Audrey Hepburn bob and leather skirt claps her beer arm every time a song fades. Rent-a-mob materialises three songs from the end and sends everything sprawling. Folk fall down. Folk get back up. A cacophony of solace and commiseration.

Seja, Black Bear Lodge
“Dosto writes about some jerk who thinks he is quite someone special and he lisps and that is supposed to be a sign of upper class or so, and I – “ More charming than cutsie. A Forster protege. We fade into grey, and smile.

Norman Blake & Joe Pernice, Black Bear Lodge
So much to admire. Four beer glasses on a table, two chairs, a stack of guitar cases slumped stage back. Informal, sardonic, close harmony, gently chilled. Mature. More songs about leaping off tall buildings and playground love.

* It must have been for another band. Jhonny plays straight to house PA.

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