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Song of the day – 163: Las Kellies

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Let’s begin with a video. I’ve posted it before, but you’ll forgive me, right?

OK. So let’s have a few rules established. Las Kellies are from Buenos Aires, and the three – now four – ladies have already been responsible for some of my absolute favourite music discovered since my entry into the world of blogging. I’ve talked about this found (Google Alert) definition of punk before, but it’s so relevant here I’m just going to have to reprint it once more – the whole “Raincoats–Red Krayola–Flying Lizards–Wire–James Chance–No Wave–Go Gos–Peaches–CSS–Electroclash–Riot Grrrl–Chicks on Speed–New York Noise–C86–Pastels–Everett True axis”. Of course, that omits some stuff – most notably ESG and Pylon, which is foolish to do even among the most congenial of company – but it’s not such a bad working definition at that. And the first two Las Kellies albums – Kalimera and Shaking Dog! – absolutely fall into that axis, but of course with their own spirited guitar-playing and energy and nod in the direction of the Pink Ladies from Grease and home-cooking and oblique lyrics thrown in.

Time for another video, I think.

Strictly, they’re called Kellies, not Las Kellies.

Whatever. I’ve already named some of their previous songs as my garage rock songs of the year, so can we take that as a given as well? Isaac and Daniel and me and Charlotte love to dance to their staccato, clipped beats and infectiously good-natured singing. It’s music I love to put on in the car on the way to a Deadnotes practice. It’s music I love to put on late at night in my headphones. It’s music I love to have playing while I’m tapping away playing Minesweeper. It relaxes me, without being anywhere near a wash of noise. It’s like my own personal Buzzcocks or Pylon for 2010, or something.

Whatever. So imagine my rare good humour when I returned back home last night and discovered there was a parcel from Argentina waiting for me with TWO copies of the new Las Kellies album in, plus a bunch of other cool-looking shit. Intrigued yet? Here’s that MySpace link again. And here’s another video, this one of a song from the new album. Great dancing!

And here’s another one!

So we’ve only played the album five times so far, and it’s a little early to say whether I’m going to love it as much as the other two… but. There’s rhythms. And there’s singing. And there’s harmonies. And there’s more rhythms. And there’s ace minimal guitar. And the spirit of ESG infects everything like it should. And…

Well. I’m not going to bet against it. That’s for sure!

ADDENDA 10.03.11

I’ve been sent the new Las Kellies video direct from the ladies themselves and – jeez Louise! – it fucken rocks. ROCKS, I tell you.

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