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Song of the day – 187: Prince Buster

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So it turns out the assumed stomach cramps I suffered listening to Phil Collins instead of watching Robert Forster were actually something rather more serious – an inflamed gall bladder that for a few days had the surgeons in the emergency ward at the Royal Brisbane Hospital for Women wondering whether it had infected my liver as well. Fortunately, it hadn’t: otherwise I might not be sitting here typing these words.

It took me a few days to recuperate after returning home, but now (touch wood) I’m back on track. To celebrate, I thought I’d post another track from the omnipresent Bluebeat 45s compilations – it was the first music I played back from the hospital, and the only music that all four of us can agree upon. Daniel does the most delightful little jig whenever he hears a crackly old ska beat starting up.

This particular track, ‘The Fugitive’ by Prince Buster is just about the purest – and most rocking!, obviously – example of the genre I can think of: so mellow and proud and gentle and head-on danceable. It’s taken me a while to track down some prime Prince Buster (he didn’t half put out a bunch of crap as well), but trust me – the gold is pure gold.

P.S. I only have volumes one and six in this series. If anyone knows of where I can find the others I would be most grateful.

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