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 Everett True

Song of the day – 230: Die! Die! Die!

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It took me a while to get past the vocals, which uncomfortably reminded me of a phalanx of Brian Molko’s, until I gave myself a firm seeing-to and told myself to stop being so dumb. The drums are killer. And Die! Die! Die! also remind me of a supercharged, frantic as shit, band from NYC in the early Nineties whose name is totally on the tip of my tongue but won’t shake free. (Lotion? Cell? Kitchens Of Distinction … not from New York.) Damn. Damn. And new album Form sounds beholden to the same era but infused with that whole agoraphobic feeling that so many great Kiwi bands have. From Dunedin, on Flying Nun, and with a relationship to Shayne Carter… and Die! Die! Die! continue the proud tradition of all three. So damn focused. The drumming! Have I mentioned the drumming? Have a listen for yourself.

I rediscovered this while doing my 10 in 50 series for Mess And Noise.

Terrible fucking album sleeve though.

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