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 Everett True

Song of the day – 240: Milk Kan (free download)

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A message from the mighty Kan.

We are nearly ready to get the next album mastered, but one of our favourite tracks “Call Me”, which mashes a Motown Milk Kan sound, looks like it might not make it onto the album.

We’re still talking to Al Green and Universal, and it looks like they’re gonna stop us from using the sample. Universal tried to sue us before when we released ‘God with an iPod’, so it might all get messy!

So as not to disappoint anyone, and at the risk of having to broadcast future episodes of Junkshop TV from Wandsworth clink, we’re gonna give away the track for FREE NOW !!!




So what are you waiting for? Go get it the newest (hem) song from the mighty Kan, the only band in existence to sound like a cross between The Streets and Television Personalities. There’s actually a new single out any day as well, ‘Junk Shop’ – which is pure South American gypsy cheekiness, with brass and big beats and Day Of The Dead steals. Here, I’ve found the video for it.

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