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 Everett True

Song of the day – 262: Pete And The Pirates (free download)

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It’s 2011. Everything is free!

Well no, not everything. Not yet. But this new song from Pete And The Pirates is – follow the link, sign up to the mailing list, watch the video, download the song, unsubscribe from the mailing list – and that’s more than enough for me, today. My London sweethearts, I’m still in awe at a) their youth, b) their exuberance, c) their four-part vocal harmonies, d) the way they recall primetime Flying Nun Records, and e) the way I always resort to lists when describing their music when really I should be reeling off sentences filled with the sort of adjectives that make you giddy with delirium, that make you want to kiss the stars and make love in the gutters, that make you smile all over knowingly and flushed with the first love of spring, the way that a new Pete And The Pirates song invariably makes me feel.

This new one, if anyone’s taking notes, occupies a middle-ground that no one had even thought of occupying before. At least not yet in this year. Sweet. On the one side, there’s Donna Summer and Kraftwerk (and you just know the year is 1978 or sometime around then). On the other, The Chills (1985, hem hem) or Pete And The Pirates themselves.

Yeah me too. I’d be insecure about such a meeting except… c’mon dudes! This is Pete And The bleedin’ Pirates we’re talking about, not Interpol or Kings Of Leon. So go figure. And go listen. The song is going to stick in your head all year – or at least until the new Pete And The Pirates album comes out, which I guess it’s meant to help publicise or something, the way these things go.

Me? I just love the fact such great music is being given away free.

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