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Song of the day – 266: M9 ft Blasphemy & Cyrus Malachi

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Don’t take much to appear informed or cool in this game. Just a couple of the right connections.

Been cruising through the drizzle of London these last few weeks, with my wife and sons. Seen plenty of dirt, plenty of grey, plenty of evidence of an oncoming depression, the divide between rich and poor separating out even more. That’s expected. All this means, however, that I’ve been cut off from my regular supply: the trickle of CDs and recommendations coming into my house in sun-kissed Brisbane.  (Or rather, rain-bloated Brisbane, if current news reports are correct.) (I’m writing this shortly before new year’s eve.) So, like any addict, I need to find fresh lines, fresh supplies. Where easier to look than on Facebook – the regular crowd and community is already in place, just seemed appropriate to ask closer to where I am right now, my Plan B Magazine mentors, friends and sparring partners.

This first one comes courtesy of Neil Kulkarni – and someone remind me to link through to his most-excellent band The Moonbears. Some horrorcore rap, which is some of my favourite sort, truth told: y’know, Wu-Tang, Gravediggaz, all that shit. (I’m quite sure I’m exhibiting a woeful lack of knowledge here.) This is all menace and high rise flickering wrongness: amnesia, corpses and crack issues free-styled over a minimal smattering of piano and two-note piano – the crime scene moved someplace hidden, someplace where you better pray you never stumble over it. Nice.

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