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Song of the day – 293: Fall Of Saigon

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I used this video the other day as some sort of holding signal while Collapse Board was experiencing some technical difficulties brought about by those bozos at WordPress not adequately testing their new update before releasing it, and then figured it was too good to waste when I removed the post. So here it is again. Fall Of Saigon. For your listening pleasure.

It was a tip from a Facebook friend, Etienne Greib, who noted that I was loving yr Elli et Jacno, and yr Konki Duet – in fairness, he didn’t mention The Konki Duet, but I like to think that was just cos he didn’t realise I’d written about them and not for any more sinister reasons – and suggested that I could well love Fall Of Saigon too. He wrote: “From Montpellier, they were one of Pascal Comelade’s first bands, they were really close to the Young Marble Giants and they only released one mini-LP back in the early 80s, but damn it still sounds fresh innit?”

Damn straight it still sounds fresh. And eerily poignant, reminding me of secret trysts and forbidden flats in the early 80s, when even a slice of toast seemed too much bother. I’ve just done a quick YouTube search for some of Pascal’s other stuff and … damn … I’m going to have to post him up as Song of the Day tomorrow, as well.

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