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 Everett True

Song of the day – 34: Dum Dum Girls

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Hey, it makes me so happy to hear this music. So, so happy.

This song features a dude from Crocodiles, whom I also like a whole bunch – but no way near as much as this song, a song as wonderful as even The Pastels or The Shop Assistants, a song that’s just saturated in love and affection and fuzzy guitar and 60s harmonies, a song that would be worthy of even that Joey Ramone/Ronnie Spector duet of a decade back, a song that just makes me want to bubble over with warmth and gladness and wonder that folk didn’t forget the lessons of the first Mary Chain single (and nothing they did since), a song that’s quite made me forget my place in the world and dragged me under near-comatose to a burbling state of delirium, bouncing up and down – the front naturally – up and down, up and down, up and down…

This song is taken from the new album on Sub Pop. The whole album is bone marrow-drainingly great. Look for my review on The Vine shortly.

I’ve written about Dum Dum Girls previously.

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