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Song of the day – 364: Green Thrift Grocery (a love song to Athens GA, part two)

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I love bands with a mumdaughter connection. LOVE them … well, only if they’re cool and fun and good and everything.

There’s such energy here. That alone should make you fall head over heels hopelessly for this. And a killer melody, and singing.

Wait a second. Hasn’t Wuxtry Records got a Collapse Board connection somewhere already? Well, this cements it! No one sent me a link to this band. No one. I found it via the email from yesterday. No favours asked. None given.

Genius screaming.

I’ve a good mind to post up this entire concent. It sounds so glorious. Someone send me a bootleg NOW!!!

So yeah. We were talking, right? All about how Athens GA seems to be full to bursting with crazy-great, wild, free bands – like an overripe frozen persimmon stuffed with vodka. Or something. How much of it seems to be female-infused because of its killer heritage – note to interested sorts: the 1987 documentary Inside/Out about the mid-80s Athens music scene is one of the best of its kind. (And let’s not forget the Flat Duo Jets, huh? I hardly could, seeing as h0w I once wrote a book about The White Stripes … ) Pylon. The B-52s. All that stuff, right? (I once appeared on an R.E.M. tribute album, Surprise Your Pig. Um … not that I’d ever heard the R.E.M. song I covered, before or since.) Party music. Art rock. Full of hidden corners and curves and smart lyrics. Music to dress up to, and go wild in your neighbour’s backyard to. Someone’s gotta amuse you. Might as well be yourself.

And I was all excited because I’d gotten this email … pretty unassuming email, right? Mentioned Tunabunny, sure – and Everett True’s gotta love that – but surely nothing to burst your buttons about. No. Not all.

Yes. Yes, actually.

Well, OK. The email was only from the singer of Pylon. The singer of Pylon! That’d be like Tina Weymouth contacting me … she did once, actually … or Ari Up recognising me at a show … oh, she did … or, I dunno one of The Raincoats contacting me on MySpace to thank me for keeping the faith. Um. Oh yeah. Well, whatever. This is Pylon we’re talking about, this is my blog, and I reserve the right to get unreasonably excited about her emailing me in such a fucking cool, undemanding way.

So yesterday’s Song of the Day featured her band, and today’s Song of the Day features her daughter’s band, and they’ve both great – fun and excitable and different and spontaneous and bouncy – and… ah. Damn it.

I’ve totally blown my music critic cool again, haven’t I? Fuck it.

A fan-boy geek till the day I die.

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