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Song of the day – 368: Jeremiah Jae

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Jeremiah Jae

This dude’s ‘Rappayamatantra’ EP has been drifting in and out of my consciousness, as I gently freak over a piece of my past having been revealed that I knew nothing about, and it’s been really attracting/soothing me.

It reminds me of some of Steve Fisk’s woozier/hazier experiments with Pigeonhed, Johanna Buccola too, and I can still smell a little bit of the residue of the dope cloud hanging over Tricky’s bed when I interviewed him in NYC 1996 sporting purple nail-varnish (me, not Tricky) and a jackhammer hangover, but this cat is his own cat, dig? I know (pinches fingers real hard) this much about him, but I’m guessing there’s a Brainfeeder connection going on somewhere, cos this one cool press dude  in the UK continues to send me this weird/fine shit despite the fact Collapse Board rarely writes about such. Wish it was more.

That’s it. No personal anecdotes … oh wait, one. No fancy hype. Just fine and fucking strange sampledelic music. It’s become the norm that I always mention Kid Koala whenever I enjoy such unfettered fun music as this. So be it.

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