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 Everett True

Song of the day – 392: Le Hoodoo Gurus

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Le Hoodoo Gurus - Leilani

I thought I’d pick out a couple of great songs mentioned in our exhaustive The Big Beat In The Heart Of The Vinyl Jungle article, reprinted from trakmarx.com. Twenty thousand words long! And it sure clued me in to a whole raft of music that I wasn’t formerly aware of. (Or had forgotten I was aware of.)

First up: Le Hoodoo Gurus. This is prime early 80s pop. My perspective here, hearing it for the first time in a long time, is that I can’t help but be reminded of prime Adam And The Ants – the drum sound, the guitar sound, the intonation on the vocals, the “hur-rum”, the nods in the direction of tribalism … but I don’t see this is a minus. I know nothing about early Hoodoo Gurus. It’s very possible Adam heard them rather than the other way round, or there was some beautiful synchronicity going on between the two sides of the Earth (Perth, Western Australia and London). I dig their rockabilly look (very Meteors) which is also simultaneously a fraction New Romantic. I can hear faint echoes of New York (Tom Tom Club, ESG): again, this is looking back through a 30-year prism, and probably more a reflection on the sound of the times than a reflection of what was going down back then. I bet they were a blast to see live.

Want more info? Please. Check out that first link at the top. This post is partly designed to bring attention to it.

Man, I love discovering great music that’s fresh to me.

“Unplug the jukebox/Do us all a favour …”

P.S. Someone just pointed out on Facebook that the drum pattern is ‘Can The Can’ by Suzi Quatro. Well, duh! ‘Course it is.

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