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Song of the day – 399: (Cante Jondo)

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Latcho Drom

Do me a favour. Go back and have a read of this first, please. One trail leads to another.

Now. Some Cante Jondo for you all. One leads on to the other. Music is all about losing yourself in the moment, correct? Nothing matters, outside of the note you just heard and the note you’re about to hear. Nothing matters except the emotion, and being swept up in the swirl and abyss of emotion. Give yourself time to breath. Give yourself time to repeat. Give yourself time to think. Dance, motherfuckers. Dance. Someone linked me to this video – Cante Jando is a vocal style in flamenco, its deepest and most serious form, apparently – and I have no real idea what it signifies, except deep emotion and cultural identity. I don’t need to know more. I can totally immerse myself in this music.

The following clip is taken from Latcho Drom (‘Safe Journey’), a French documentary film made in 1993 about the Romani people’s journey from north-west India to Spain. Bloody annoying the way it cuts off at the end, I know.

This one is a corker, too.

As is this one.

Here’s the soundtrack.

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