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Song of the day – 474: Misty Miller

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Misty Miller in Vogue

She’s not Agent Ribbons good.

What is?

She’s not Dan Sartain good.

What the fuck is?

She’s not Lanie Lane good.

… I’m just sayin’ …

She’s not even – what’s that righteous rockabilly sisters and brother combo called? – Kitty Daisy And Lewis good.

She’s Misty Miller good, and that’s way enough for me. Don’t let the photo put you off (I only ran it cos it amused me so). She ain’t 16 no more, and it don’t seem like she play the ukulele no more, either. She has fire in her veins, and a honey-gravel voice. Her new groove is indeed the righteous rockabilly groove as hinted at above – just her and a drummer. I’d be going to check her out live if I lived anywhere near London. Fuck yeah I would. Energy, tunes and attitude. Don’t care which sort, just that I am way digging this groove.

I am prepared to believe she hasn’t heard any of the above musicians (‘cept Dan who she cites). Her songs have an existence and power all their own. My point here – just in case you need bludgeoning over the head with it, written in triplicate and underlined in bright purple – is that she is good on her own terms, no one else’s. She is Misty Miller good. Here’s a link to her music. I’d advise switching over to it, and letting it run its course.

And here’s the Soundcloud (it’s a different link to the one above). Really, really fine. Raw and beautiful.

I am REALLY not sure about this, however.

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