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Song of the day – 487: Carsick Cars

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Carsick Cars

Ah yes. China. Kicks your flabby Western ass at damn near everything these days. Not music, though. Right? 


I love it when folk pick up the baton and write about stuff like this. Yeah, this. (Go on, click on it. Do it now. Discover new vistas and ways of hearing.)

About Carsick Cars, Princess Stomper writes:

They have that sort of droning, Velvet Underground-y sound that soon saw them picked up to tour with Sonic Youth, but they also cite Steve Reich and and Glenn Branca as influences. Shou Wang is a founding member of White, whose first CD was produced by Blixa Bargeld. Qi Ling and Li Weisi have both performed with Martin Atkins‘ “supergroup” Pigface.

… and who am I to disagree with her? I mean, this could be Fabulous Diamonds 2010 or something all molten and disturbed from Brisbane circa 1975, or one of those fine, fine Touch & Go bands from the 90s minus the understandable fondness for classic rock song structures. It’s not, though. It’s Beijing 2012 or thereabouts, and damn straight I love it that Sonic Youth are such a towering influence on so much non-Western music I encounter. Of course Carsick Cars are journeying in very different directions. (Damn. I can’t avoid cliche even when set free.) They are parallel to, not running behind.

Oh wait. Is that it? That was easy. Go to this website if you .. ahem … feel in the mood for purchasing this morning.

And. Damn. Just discovered they played Brisbane last November.

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