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Song of the day – 504: Deap Vally

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Deap Vally

I’ll confess.

I checked this duo out because some ‘friend’ on Facebook was complaining about how some male music journalist was only digging Deap Vally’s desert blues groove cos he wanted to dig what was inside of Deap Valley’s pants too. (It’s always been a surefire way to dismiss art made by females: claim that there’s no fucking way they could be getting attention from the critics – male to a tired, bone-idle man – unless said males fancy them.) Had me a listen. Sounds like righteous noise and screaming to me, and I couldn’t give a fuck whether I find someone attractive or no as to whether I dig their desert blues groove. Poked a toe out. Put their name up on Facebook. The ‘friends’ who ‘liked’ it – and there were quite a few – were all female.


Gotta say, if I’d come about Deap Vally via this pathetic quote first (yeah, thanks The Independent):

They make Joan Jett and Jack White sound like the Disney Club

I might not have bothered. My point being: if you can’t be bothered to describe how music makes you want to fuck the world and dance on the remains of your dead, given-up friends from years past, then why the fuck are you bothering? Laughably nonsensical hyperbole really don’t cut it, especially when you so clearly, really don’t understand your reference points you really, clearly can’t burn and crash and buzz along to Deap Vally’s desert blues groove. The lady can holler. Fuck the fuzz and the harsh rhythm. The lady can fucken holler.Do you need to know more? How the fuck is some lame-ass comparison gonna stop your knees from knocking?

There was an equally dumb one here (thanks Brooklyn Vegan):

Lindsey and Julie play like the White Stripes if instead of Jack and Meg it was Karen O and Alison Mosshart

 Uh. So. No… wait. What exactly are you trying to say here? That Deap Vally are totally in thrall to the trendier side of independent music of the 00s? Why bother writing about them at all if you have such a low opinion? Sure I hate the wind machines blowing through their hair. Fuck yeah I hate the beautiful people, and I hate it even harder when the beautiful people can rock. But maybe that’s just down to plain old-fashioned jealousy cos wind machines sure make no fucking difference to me at this time of life.

My point here is this. The music ROCKS. I mean, Deap Vally sure as shit-on-fire ain’t subtle. No hidden depths to discover here. You either get it, or you don’t. (They sure as shit aren’t no Agent Ribbons.)

And that’s it.

So here’s the quote for the barricades:

Deap Vally got Everett True hollerin’ like a cat on a hot tin roof

P.S. And yes, I DO reckon them male journos above are doing what male journos do.


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