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Song of the day – 510: Threads

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Threads - Tall Building

So I listen to this EP, and I love this, its Lynchian swoon and saunter. It hints more than it promises. There’s a softened target, a softened female vocal. A softened trumpet. It doesn’t feel overplayed. It doesn’t upset. Two of the four tracks are under 40 seconds long. They don’t need to be longer. It’s playful, but not dumb. It’s dumb, too. (There’s a range of emotions: there are four tracks.)

Turns out I know the people behind Threads. It’s probably not a coincidence. Glad to see they finally got shot of that horrible hectoring male vocalist. Three years they wasted with him. Bloody fools. Now they can hold their heads up in polite society again. Play to the galleries. (The Lynchian swoon and saunter is actually my least favourite aspect of this EP. I like it more where the percussion gentle rolls along, and the promise isn’t explicit. The harmonies. I’ve always been a sucker for the harmonies. If you’re going to play just one track over at the Bandcamp, play the first.)

Here’s Threads – the ‘Tall Building’ EP. You’re gonna like it.

Trust me. I’m a failed musician.

Rather wonderfully, the final track finishes and The Clean’s ‘Tally Ho’ starts up in my iTunes library. Seems wildly appropriate.

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