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Song of the day – 606: Nia

Song of the day – 606: Nia
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I have this problem.

I have around 30-40 songs lined up for this series. At least. All solid diamond groove stuff. Varied and deviant and sludgy and female and full-on pop. (Not all at once, duh. Go Genre Everything was last year.) I cannot move on past The Voice, though. I can never move on past The Voice. (I have a vice for the voice.) So when something like this happens upon my iTunes, not planned for the series at all (inasmuch as, uh, there’s any planning) then… what is a boy to do? WHAT IS A BOY TO DO? Swoon, and pledge undying allegiance to whichever flag happens to be raised at the time. Swoon, and feel very content that folk still see fit to tip me off to stuff like this:

My source says:

Thought you might find something interesting in this. Nia, 19, from North Wales. Stunning voice. Rips up the silence.

Yeah, absolutely. Rips up the silence. From zero to somewhere else entirely in the space of a heartbeat. Nia, 19, from North Wales. Could be 20 by now. Bluesy, soulful, and possessed of a voice that can tear into space. Doesn’t need instrumentation to help create dynamics cos her voice does all that. Held back only by a lack of imagination on the part of those around. (How to frame this voice? How to move onwards?)

Wallow in the splendour and solitude.

“How do you sleep at night when I’m here all alone?” she asks, and I have no reply.

She passes the Agent Ribbons test, and that’s all you really need to know.

Here’s Nia’s website.

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