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Song of the day – 608: Dog Legs

Song of the day – 608: Dog Legs
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A quick one this morning.

Just a glorious mess of noise and guitar and boy-girl vocals and repetition and humour and squealing and bruised two chord riffage and start-up over again and colour-by harmonies. It’s like Ramones never disappeared at all. It’s like Brighton’s beaches are covered with Daniel Johnston and 5,6,7,8’s fans, having shivery trash can party madness at 1am. It’s a delirious sliver, the slightest of delights. It’s a pop song, it lasts 1.42 minutes and it’s by Dog Legs. And I fucking hope that the world has always got room for bands like Dog Legs.

Why do anything else when you can have such fun?

For more awesome music, check out Tamsin’s Twice-Yearly Pop-Moan-Fest Jan-June 2013, where I stole this from.

As she says, “Dog Legs are a girl-boy duo and are ace. They are brat-core par excellence and very, very loveable.”

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