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Song of the day – 639: The Creases

Song of the day – 639: The Creases
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There’s a part of me that always likes music like this.

It’s the part of me I despise.

“Rough Trade is pleased to introduce you to The Creases, a brand new band from Brisbane, Australia.”

Betcha there’s a Velociraptor connection somewhere.

“Having barely been together a couple of months and without having ever played a live show, last month the young duo along with bassist Aimon Clark and drummer Bridie McQueenie,were invited to support Peace and The Preatures…”

Fuck me. If I were them, I’d keep that quiet. Very fucking quiet indeed.

Great song, though. I’ll be playing it again and again, f’r sure, in the depths of my self-loathing and despair.

P.S. It’s great, writing Songs of the Day like this. Virtually guarantees the record company – nor the band – won’t come anywhere near me after; let alone quote me. And yet here I am still professing my love for the music – a love so strong that I don’t mind admitting to self-loathing and embarrassing myself, because of course there’s nothing more embarrassing than being embarrassed about your taste. I like the song LOADS, as it goes. A breezy summertime pop delight. I suspect that’s cos I am coming at it from a Jonathan Richman angle. I suspect that they are coming at it from a (spit) Vaccines angle. Whatever. Intention doesn’t matter, right? Interpretation is king and queen of the heartbreak scene.

P.P.S. Of course I don’t despise myself for loving such wonderful-sounding rock’n’roll like this. I’m sure it’s something to do with a certain guitar sound. I’m sure it’s something to do with the laconic drawl, the plaintive call of the vocals, the fact nothing is overdone. It is what it is. Of course, throwing in a second disclaimer like this… wait, I’m no longer allowed to be confused about my relationship with music? FUCK YOU. Confusion is sex. Always.

P.P.P.S. It’s just a snappy opening line. Don’t read too much into it. Like any cranky 52-year-old, I hate to be thought of as a walking talking cliché, even though I mostly am.

Anyway. Here’s the quote for the backroom boys and girls – even though they’re no longer looking for one:

The Creases are a fresh young band from Brisbane with a fresh young sound. Uh-huh.

And I’ll fucking KILL YOU, Ben Ayres, if you quote me on that.

No wait. Quote me.

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