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Song of the day – 660: Gaptooth

Song of the day – 660: Gaptooth
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It’s all about queue-jumping, this series.

I really do have around 10 of these lined up. Let’s count. The Cardboards, Lizzo feat. Sophia Eris. Laura Mvula. Frankie Cosmos. Twincest. Ragana. Alpine. Jasmine Minks. Alba Lua. Edible Arrangements. Fly Ashtray. Eleven. That’s 11. You could get the drop on me. Go listen to them. Go listen to them and send me back a report, and I’ll print it. That’s a cast-iron promise, or as close to one as I get. But this series is all about queue-jumping. I hear something, I like something, I write about something. It can be a mutated Euro-beat feminist anthem full of big blowsy choruses and tricky couplets that recalls the heady days of Republica. It can be joyous infectious pop music from East London. It could start, “I only just fell from the womb/All wet and screaming/Now I’m supposed to be a functioning adult”. It could recall the intersection of dance and homespun recordings carved out by the folk who inspired St. Etienne during the 80s. (Uh, The Pet Shop Boys then.) It could be angry, questioning. It could sound a little like The Boy Least Likely To. It could be all of these things and more.

It could be Gaptooth.

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