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Song of the Day #687 – Dogjaw

Song of the Day #687 – Dogjaw
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You lucky schmucks – this week you’ll get a new song of the day EVERY day. How sweet is that? Each of the following artists convened at one stellar house show in Athens on Thursday (and the wee hours of Friday, too).

“So we went downtown, and we saw these ridiculous parking meters…”

Meg of Dogjaw passes her phone around to the folks gathered ’round the back porch. She’s sitting on one end of the natty green couch, I’m sitting on the other. I thought I knew what she meant – until, after a while, she turns to me. “See? Here’s the before.”

The first picture shows a red meter I didn’t recognize. A black sign underneath it reads “Donations for the homeless here. Please don’t give money to people on the streets.” (Or something to that effect.)

“And here’s what we did.”

The second picture shows the same meter – but here you see a man with a sharpie crossing out the “don’t”. “Please give money to people on the streets.”

Dog Jaw are a surely trio – Meg’s on guitar, the guy’s on drums, and another woman’s on bass. Mild-mannered, level-headed folk, or as far I can tell from my various shiftings ’round the house – but come showtime these mighty Olympians will blow yr house down. Run to catch ’em, or they’ll shift tempo and rocket away. MASSIVE. We at the front crumpled as one into a synchronized mosh.

Some of you in the back will prolly think Hole when ya hear this. But shaddap and don’t say a word.

For more things Dogjaw, like downloads, click this word.

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