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Song of the Day #700 – The Orielles

Song of the Day #700 – The Orielles
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I have been to Halifax, UK and the last place I’d expect to find a band that sounds like the Orielles would by far be Halifax. I was drawn to this by the masterfully done hand lettering of their band name that I kept seeing all over the internet. I instantly checked out their soundcloud and dove right in. Seems this new track “Joey Says We Got It” is coming out on Wiener Records for cassette store day. I’m not one to fall for the cult of Burger, but I think they truly have something here. This isn’t your typical slack vibe Burger-fare. The Orielles have some surfy twang riffs, but the production is a step beyond most Burger releases. The Orielles have the sound down – straight bouncy bass with no effects, twangy guitars, love-lourn but too-cool vocals, and the right mix of Ramones meets Brill Building drums. I’m surprised K Records, Magic Marker, Polyvinyl, Sub Pop, and Slumberland haven’t started a bidding war for this band already. Halifax….it’s a nice town, but not sure how you get this coming out of there.


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