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 Everett True

Song of the day – Top 40 Songs

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It’s a Saturday evening. Traffic is always slow on a Saturday. So I thought that for the few stragglers checking in, I’d update this chart. It’s based on page views (not unique) on the Song Of The Day entries, as monitored by Google Analytics (up to and including 4 November). The top entry is going to take quite some shifting, methinks. I might follow this with a Bottom 10 Songs, because I always find it interesting what folk don’t want to hear. Click through on the links and you’ll find the original entry.

P.S. Shock news! Agent Ribbons are back down to a two-piece. Damn. I bet they’re still the best fucking rock’n’roll band in America, though.

1 (1) Agent Ribbons – Don’t Touch Me
2 (2) Sheezer – El Scorcho
3 (-) Edwyn Collins – Losing Sleep
4 (-) Orange Juice – Consolation Prize
5 (3) Pigeonhed – Glorybound
6 (-) Nico’s Bike – Into Fire
7 (-) The Slits – Animal Space
“Adrian Sherwood [the man behind On-U Sound], who I met when The Slits were touring, was primarily just selling records out of his van in England, promoting reggae bands. And then we moved into a squat together, and he picked up a cheap little echo machine, and – he’s a fucking genius – he taught himself how to mix. And then I came up with the name New Age Steppers, but before new age shit was even created, fuck that” – Ari Up
8 (4) Coolies – Ghost Baby
9 (9) Fever Fever – Mouth House
10 (-) The Distractions – Time Goes By So Slow
11 (-) Scarce – Southern Highway
This is the song that Courtney Love was attempting to write when she wrote ‘Malibu’ (which, now I think about it, is just about the best pop song she’s written in over a decade). Joyce handles lead vocals here. You’d think she’d been doing it her entire life… oh wait. She has.
12 (5) The Nuns – Nun Time
13 (6) Sky Needle – Sweet 16
14 (-) It Sound – Walking (On A Tall Fence)
15 (7) Armedalite Rifles – Love + Hate
All spark and fire: rhythms like Captain Beefheart and Can and Pere Ubu did rhythms, guitars that clash and a name that references obliquely possibly the Gang Of Four’s finest moment.
16 (8) Frankie Rose And The Outs – Little Brown Haired Girls
17 (-) Jonathan Richman – The Morning Of Our Lives (early version)
18 (13) Las Kellies – Scotch Whiskey
19 (-) The Cheapmunks – O Humdum/Say My Name
A female pop group from Pakistan covering ‘Say My Name’ by Destiny’s Child, mashed up with popular Indian movie song ‘O Humdum Suniyo Re’ by A.R. Rahman (the music director of Slumdog Millionaire), with some killer tabla backing.
20 (-) kyü – Pixiphony
21 (-) She Makes War – Olympian
22 (11) Darren Hayman – Pram Town
22 (10) The Rolling Stones – Miss You
22 (21) Roxy Music – Virginia Plain (live TOTP 1972)
25 (12) The Concretes – Miss You
26 (15) Smudge – Ugly, Just Like Me
27 (17) Kim Ki O – Hayır Hayır Hayır Hayır Hayır Hayır
You want to listen to some deliciously hazy synth-swamped dark wave made a pair of Riot Grrrls from Istanbul? Of course you do.
27 (19) Otouto – W. Hillier
27 (-) Factory Floor – Live At Rough Trade East 22.06.10
30 (-) Hotpants Romance – Emails
31 (16) Gogol Bordello – Immigraniada (We Comin’ Rougher)
32 (19) Johanna Buccola – Stockholm Syndrome
Laidback, groovy. Turntable movements slipping in and out of view. A backing track that recalls ‘Us And Them’ from the Pink Floyd album I sometimes pretend I don’t own. Slipping through the other side of consciousness. Makes me think of Ann Magnuson and Kid Koala simultaneously.
33 (14) Bitch Prefect – Bad Decisions
34 (17) Arrington de Dionyso – Bianglala
35 (-) Thought Creature – Under The Sand
36 (-) My Disco – Young
Can sound be monolithic? It’s trance-inducing. It’s minimal, although most folk don’t equate minimal with noise (weirdly). It’s fixated. It’s focused. It keeps going. And going. It’s funky and heavy and psychedelic in the way This Heat used to be funky and heavy and psychedelic – and that’s high praise round these parts.
37 (-) The Corin Tucker Band – Riley
38 (22) Chin Chin – Why Am I So Lonely
39 (-) Jonny – Continental
39 (-) The Birthday Party – Release The Bats (live Hacienda 1982)

Photography by Ryan Mihalyi.

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